Government Consultations and Our advice for respondents

The Government is currently consulting on revised guidance for licensing badger control areas and they want to know what you think.

The consultations close on Sunday 15th April and we are encouraging all Badger friendly people to respond. To help you with have prepared guidance notes for you to use. However, IT IS IMPORTANT that you DO NOT copy and paste our response directly. This is because the government review the responses using computer algorithms to look for duplicate responses and then count them as one response. You need to respond in your own words.

The first consultation is a review of the current guidance that allows natural England to licence a maximum of 10 new cull areas per year. The government is seeking to remove this limit.

The link to the Consultation is here

Our guidance notes are here

The second consultation is to allow badger controls - including culling - into the Low Risk Area which is effectively the rest of England. This could allow badger culls to take place in any or every county in England simultaneously in future. The government has yet to release any data that shows the pilot or existing badger culls has achieved any of the improvements they required. Bovine TB is still rising in the UK yet around 33500, probably disease free badgers have been culled. 

The link to the consultation is here

Our guidance is here


Please share our guidance with all wildlife friendly groups, friends and colleagues and ask them to respond. The volume of responses received is a key criteria when the government considers their future plans. 

The responses will take around an hour of your time to read and complete but could stop the badger culls coming to every part of the country


Here are responses from other organisation, please click on the list below to view. 

1. Bovine TB: Consultation on revised guidance for licensing badger control areas Response from the Zoological Society of London

2. Bovine TB: consultation on proposals to introduce licensed badger control to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis in the Low Risk Area (England) Response from the Zoological Society of London

3. Consultations notes form the South West Badger Protectors